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Just a courtesy note - I finally got sick of my other webmail client and decided to just forward my existing addresses to gmail. I've actually had a "murph.monkey" account there for a few years, but never used it; so if you see that address, this is why.

Meanwhile, you can still continue to send to my or addresses if you prefer.

iBook: Yay-but-oh-well

My nearly 4-year-old iBook has 4 times died the same death in that time, - a logic board failure that, thanks to the magic of AppleCare extended warranty, has been replaced swiftly and at no charge every time. The most recent time, approximately one year ago, I asked about Apple's lemon policy - since the same problem 4 times in under three years seems pretty silly. Their response was that the incidents had been too widely spaced to qualify, but one more in the next year, even after the end of my warranty, would get my laptop replaced with the in-production-at-the-time equivalent.

So, earlier this week, when my laptop died in a familiar fashion, I celebrated a bit - but quietly, and under a veneer of frustration, as I was in the middle of taking notes for a Historic District Commission meeting at the time. I called up AppleCare, ready to demand my replacement, but, as I was being transferred to a tech, rebooted once more and found the problem gone! The tech sympathized, and, after reviewing my file, said that I was a few days past my alloted year, but that, if the problem came back within 30 days, he could offer a free repair as in the past. I was given an e-mail address and phone extension for direct connection in that case.

bBlog -> Drupal database migration script


When I first started using bBlog, oh these many years ago, it was a promising young system in active development that I thought would be fun to help on. But that was the same time that I started grad school, and bBlog rapidly stagnated after that. For a while now, the only reason I've kept using it is because I wasn't willing to abandon yet another archive and start over with yet another empty system, virtually no bBlog -> other system conversions were found on Google, and there was always something more pressing to do that translate one MySQL database into another.

The extent of mod_rewrite...


Because of my desire to have and point to the same place, the way in which handles that, and my desire to have drupal use "clean urls", and the way in which drupal handles that, it seems a few requests Just Don't Work.

If you go to [www.] , you will end up in a page not found error. Adding a slash to the end of that, or a slash and some further internal page request, or going to, or anything except those two specific urls works.

Since my rss feed points peo

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