"O, RLY?" electrical bills


So I just got the DTE bill for February.

Average temperatures for this billing period were 23 degrees colder than last billing period.

(Trust me, I noticed)

As a result, your appliances may be working harder to make you feel more comfortable.

Indeed, our average daily gas use was up 54% from the previous month. (ps, I appreciate that DTE provides this information right on the monthly statement.) Our average daily electricity usage, however, was down by 41%. I asked the ladies, "Have you been doing anything different? All I can think of is that we're not running the dehumidifier in the basement 24/7 because the ground is frozen, so the crawlspace isn't pumping wet into the basement."

Tortured ROI Calculations: hot water insulation edition

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In general, I believe it's worth utilizing materials to reduce energy consumption - both are, of course, subsidized heavily in our economy, but materials are much easier to reuse, salvage, or recycle in the future. (Note my statement of utilizing materials, as opposed to using (up) energy.)

With this in mind, and an annoyance at how quickly the hot water turns cold if I step away from the dishes for just a few minutes, I decided to look into insulating my hot water pipes.

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