1500 pages of OCR goodness

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*swoon*. (warning: local geekery.)

I've been pleased in the past that UMich's library has a scanned, publicly-accessible version of Charles Chapman's History of Washtenaw County, Michigan : together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships...and biographies of representative citizens. This is a 1,500 page book published in 1881 covering the area's history to that date - a pretty impressive length, when you consider that the white man's history of Washtenaw County, aside from a Jesuit or two, only extended as far back as 1823,

Driving driving driving...


Thanksgiving locations:
* Wednesday: Ypsilanti -> Chelsea
* Thursday: Chelsea -> Ypsilanti -> Royal Oak -> Romeo
* Friday: Romeo
* Saturday: Romeo -> Ypsilanti
* Sunday: Mendelssohn Theater, doing light hang for UMGASS' HMS Pinafore (shows all next week!)

On Thursday morning, took a wander into downtown Chelsea for a look at the latest developments, and ran into some other Ypsi types. ("Me? I grew up here! What are *you* doing here?") They'd biked out to get a cup of coffee at Zou Zou's, but found it closed, so were eating their clif bars on the benches in front of the police station. Anyways. It having been probably 18 months or so since I last took a wander down Main Street, I decided to have a look as long as I didn't have anybody with me to be annoyed by my poking around.

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