A quick trip to the yoop.


This weekend, we took a quick jaunt to the UP; the motivating factor was that the newly-Dr. Cohn is about to leave town for a post-doc, and had never been across the bridge in his 6 years in Michigan. (We then found out that Miss Margaret was also a blushing virgin of a troll, despite a Michigan childhood, and made her come along too.)

Some scattered thoughts on the trip:

Coffee near Haller Lake, Seattle

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I'm in Seattle, visiting Elias, who lives round-about the Haller Lake neighborhood, at the northern end of the city. Elias doesn't drink coffee - but this is Seattle, right? I should be able to find coffee behind every tree and under every rock.

So I set out to find some. Haller Lake's not the most pedestrian-oriented of neighborhoods (though it could be, with the addition of a few sidewalks and some rezoning of the commercial strips), and all of the available coffee within walking distance appears to be along Aurora Avenue. I knew I was in some trouble when I checked the google satellite images for "coffee near aurora ave n & n 130th st" - mmmm, strip mall-tastic - but I'm never one to shy away from a challenge of pedestrianism.

And you, gentle reader, get to benefit from the results, in case you're ever in a similar situation:

Detroit, Itacare', and Kilimanjaro


You know those sections of the New York Times that come after the news section and aren't the crossword? Escapes, Home & Garden, Travel, Fashion, and so forth? Well, I've found something in one of them that I can actually afford. From their list of The 53 places to go in 2008:

1. Laos
2. Lisbon
3. Tunisia
4. Mauritius
. . .
40. Detroit

Yes, Detroit.

Not that the description is 100% positive, and a little focused on the casinos. (Come on, the Tigers?)

My brain is full, and my extrovert buffer overfloweth

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I'm freshly back from 2 days in Chicago, representing my fair Ypsi at the National Brownfield Association's "The Big Deal" conference, and, after 2 full days of being "on", am quite looking forward to hiding in the office with some nice quiet paperwork. (Chicagoans: yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't let you know. This was a very surgical strike sort of trip, with almost no time spent outside of Navy Pier and Union Station.)

I was there primarily playing marketer - the NBA invited us to bring our 38-acre crown jewel brownfield site to their "property showcase", and was nice enough to waive the $400 registration fee. I was the guy uncommitted for those days, so was the lucky representative - and, while I ordinarily can easily talk up Ypsi's virtues at great length (a former faculty member recently asked if I secretly work for the Chamber of Commerce), it's a little more high-stress when the person you're pitching to is representing a private equity firm that's walking around the conference saying, "Hi, we've got $1 billion to spend - what've you got?"

Back from MT

We've spent the last two weeks in Montana and Chicago. If there's anything you think I'll find important in that period, you may wish to reinform me. I skim *really* quickly when I have this much e-mail.

(p.s. Do we still have a state government?)

Keep St. Louis Weird

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Miss me? Thanks to a death in the family, I've been out of touch and out of town the past little while, and am just now getting home and catching up. If you had tried to get my attention at any point in the past week and it didn't work, try again.

I spent the weekend and a little in the St. Louis area for the burial and visiting family, and managed to snag a free afternoon. Before leaving, I asked a St. Louis native for some destinations, and was pointed towards the University City Loop area. When my mother suggested visiting the Arch (again), I was therefore prepared for an escape, having verified with a cousin that I could get to U.City by rail (It's almost like a civilized country or something...), and was dropped off by the family caravan on their way to the arch.

Driving driving driving...


Thanksgiving locations:
* Wednesday: Ypsilanti -> Chelsea
* Thursday: Chelsea -> Ypsilanti -> Royal Oak -> Romeo
* Friday: Romeo
* Saturday: Romeo -> Ypsilanti
* Sunday: Mendelssohn Theater, doing light hang for UMGASS' HMS Pinafore (shows all next week!)

On Thursday morning, took a wander into downtown Chelsea for a look at the latest developments, and ran into some other Ypsi types. ("Me? I grew up here! What are *you* doing here?") They'd biked out to get a cup of coffee at Zou Zou's, but found it closed, so were eating their clif bars on the benches in front of the police station. Anyways. It having been probably 18 months or so since I last took a wander down Main Street, I decided to have a look as long as I didn't have anybody with me to be annoyed by my poking around.

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