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By the way, I'm guest blogging over at Concentrate again this week.

They must be desperate for content, but I won't complain - if they want to read it, I'll write it.

New-mown astroturf


A couple of comments on old posts popped up in the last week. They look like ads going for link placement, but they look like real people wrote them, and two of them were from the same person on quite different topics.

So, users mgins and bothwell, I've published your comments, but I've removed the links, figuring that's an appropriate punishment.

The comments in question are 1, 2, and

Look, ma, I'm famous!


I've been invited to be Metromode's guest blogger, starting tomorrow and running for a week. I'm not sure I'm quite as awesome as, say, Conan Smith, but I'll do my best.

I'll also cross-post here, since Metromode doesn't allow comments.

Edit: Actually, looks like they do now allow commenting on guest blogs, starting with mine. What a trendsetter.

Post one: Ypsivangelizing

A new claim to fame...


Glancing through my referrer logs, it appears the search engines really love my posts on Prop 4 and Prop 5. I seem to be, in fact, the #1 hit on MSN search for 'michigan proposal 5'. Google puts me at 9th for 'michigan proposal 5', which is high enough for that single search phrase to net me more referrals in 2 weeks than any other site has provided in the past 2 months, except for YpsiDixit,, ArborUpdate, and the time that picked up one of my posts.

My daily average hits to date for November are at 4x the level for the previous year, with Nov. 6 and 7 spiking up to 7x and 9x the previous year's daily average, respectively.

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