Canners: pH testing?


Typical recipe collections for canning include a warning, often in bold, all-caps print, along the lines of, "Follow these recipes exactly exactly exactly or you will die of botulism." Now, clearly, what they mean is, "don't adjust recipes in ways that push the pH high enough that botulism can grow," but they don't want the liability of telling people how to make up recipes.

So, can one simply pick up some pH test strips at the friendly local hardware store and use those to make sure that recipes come out to an appropriate acidity? It seems the magic number for botulism is 4.6. Is "pH lower than 4.6" prior to processing sufficient, or is there some buffer needed to account for changes during processing?

City Council on the Web

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For some time back, Scott has been pondering the possibility of hosting A2 City Council meetings on the web somehow. The concept is also discussed on the teeter with the other Scott. Certainly the idea is cool (especially Pop Up City Council), but I have my doubts about some of the more extreme hopes being placed in it.

In Ypsilanti, the civic technicians are a little more experimentalist. Steven Cherry posted occasional clips of meetings, alongside the very awesome automated police scanner recordings. Ypsi Councilman-elect Brian Robb has been pushing the idea of podcasting audio feeds of the Council meetings, which, as he notes, are frustratingly not available on CTN.

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