Ypsi area home prices, 2006-2012

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Just realized it's been a year since I posted a compilation and chart of Ypsi-area home sales prices from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors monthly reports. Here's the updated chart, with the latest year's data added:

Clearly, I have a tendency to get excited and want to share whenever the data hits peaks -- it looks like my post a year ago happened at a local maximum, with the 3-month average price peeking over $100k for just a single month. This time, it's the 6-month average price up over $100k for the first time since 2008 (just barely as of August, more solidly by September). Again, the 3-month average peaked even higher, at $117k in June, but summer prices didn't fall off nearly as quickly this time, allowing the 6-month average to move $12,000 higher than its peak from a year ago.

Full data link at the bottom of the post, and also includes moving averages of sales volume and days on market. (6-month average sales volume is also at its highest in 2 years.)

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