We be goblins!

[Note: post originally occurred on Google+, where I could limit permissions to other gamers. Photo and named redacted here to protect the "innocent".]

At least one subject of this photo will claim gamer-shame, but too good not to share.

This weekend was a bye week for my primary game, but some of my players vocally and repeatedly expressed their desire to "hit stuff". Just the excuse I needed to run Paizo's Free RPG Day module We Be Goblins!

Never in my middle school self's wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd spend my adulthood with packs of women demanding that I run D&D (er, Pathfinder) games for them. (The homebrew, in the foreground, is another nice perk of age.)

The module's a good time, with a mix of sadistic and silly appropriate for an adventure in which the players' characters are goblins. *****'s character wound up cheering himself through drinking--er, slug-eating--games and combat alike with a chant of his own name, while I think *****'s threw every single item in his inventory at the enemy, before being swallowed whole by a giant toad.

It's also a good off-week counterpoint to the module we've been playing through, The Sixfold Trial, also by Richard Pett. Let's add for the record that the packs of D&D-crazed women have an identified favorite adventure author.

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Homebrew, women, and D&D?

Homebrew, women, and D&D? Verily, you're a lord among men. I'm assumming you've reached level 10.

Moon, I am a multiclass dork

Moon, I am a multiclass dork 5 / geek 6, with...

dangit, this joke just got derailed when I stopped to wonder whether "seduction" counted as a "weapon" or "non-weapon" proficiency.