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By the way, I'm guest blogging over at Concentrate again this week.

They must be desperate for content, but I won't complain - if they want to read it, I'll write it.

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I love the idea of virtual or "third party place" closeness, especially for those of us who can't cowork or will never work in a downtown (schools are very rarely in a downtown, mostly). Thanks for bringing up that concept.

PS: Again, great "pontification" picture. One day, you must put together a coffeetable book of such pictures...that'd be awesomely fun!


I like the Zen-like look on your face as you play Mastermind and write Mastermind. Quite appropriate.

Good series of blogs.

Desperate? Maybe we just

Desperate? Maybe we just like what you have to say.

Thanks, Jeff - I'm just

Thanks, Jeff - I'm just trying to keep my head from getting too big.