MASTERMIND. (Says them.)

I'm the subject of Concentrate's "Mastermind" feature this week. I'll note that I did not end up buying the rainbow Nikes at Puffer Reds, but did go back after the shoot for some black timberlands, having supinated the snot out of my old boots.

According to the article I'm sharing the issue with, Ann Arbor's finance community is disappointingly out of the loop. They're still stuck in a rut at that old dive, Cafe Zola, when the Masterminds clearly prefer Bombadill's, the Ugly Mug, Cafe Luwak, and Beezy's.

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What makes this article the

What makes this article the best ever is the picture of you pontificating out of the window of the Ugly Mug. And the "I drink alone" Corner shot is awesome, too!
Congrats on the nice article :)

It's very lone genius. I'm

It's very lone genius. I'm too busy being a MASTERMIND to have any friends.


Did you have to pose for pictures all day long? And what compelled you to try on those completely absurd shoes? Finally, can you photoshop the train game into the CB shot?

"The photographer" is what

"The photographer" is what compelled me to try on those shoes. There were some other proposed shots that we skipped for time / wackiness constraints.

Better than the train game, I'm thinking I should have brought along a copy of Mastermind.


Photographers know no wackiness constraints. It must have been your fault.



great article Mr. Local Planning Ambassador

What a great article. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in Ypsilanti city planning, and for serving as a positive representative of the planning profession.

However, there is one oddity in the article... In all of the photographs, there are no other human beings present, either in the fore- or background. It reminded me of that old Twilight Zone episode "Where is Everybody" - the one where the prospective astronaut for a mission to Mars is put through a 400+ hour sensory deprivation "test" of his ability to handle being alone for long periods. He "wakes up" in a deserted small town where it appears that everyone disappeared just before he arrived. Even the scenes in your photos looked eerily similar to Rod Serling's shots of the places the astronaut visited in the town.


disturbing indeed!

You can't imagine how hard it is to make that Ugly Mug americano after the staff has disappeared. It's fun for the first little while, running around town after everybody else has disappeared, doing whatever you please - but then you realize you need other people. To pull your espresso, for example. Otherwise you end up trying to do it yourself, over and over again, staring forlornly out at the world while you sip your latest failure, until you fall into a caffeine-induced coma, waking up to find that everyone's come back. Phew.