Beezy's: Best Cafe Ever At 20 North Washington Street


It is my distinct pleasure, as Best Customer Ever As Of 11/13/2008, to tell you about Beezy's Cafe, which opened this week at 20 N. Washington Street in downtown Ypsi.

Check out the "It's not time lapse photography, they really did open that fast," photojournal of the night before Day 1.

Marvel at the hottest new floorboards in town. (Not to mention the hottest new floorboard-laying-machine in town!)

Try the Chicksilanti Salad Sandwich - I recommend toasted rye, and I may next try it with avocado. (If you're a strict vegetarian, I'll let you have a bite of my next one, and won't tell anyone. Ahem. Teresa.)

Pick up a large Shot in the Dark before your next 5-hour-long City Council meeting. (It worked for me - and it can work for you, too!)

Flash the latest in Ypsilanti status flair - the Beeza Rewards Card.

Read more at the Eastern Echo and Mark

And let me know if you ever see proprietrix Bee slow down, would you? Because I don't think it's possible. Thanks, Bee!

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i guess this makes you best customer ever, for a while

I wonder if amanda posted anything on her blog?! ha!

I slow down. But then I talk faster. Short naps and great coffee keep me moving. And to think, I've been sluggish this week with the lack of sleep and all.

Mark Maynard's post, of

Mark Maynard's post, of course, was the first post-opening Beezy's blog coverage I'm aware of. But I suppose that we civilians can't hope to keep up with Mark...