"So, a Republican probably?"

Yesterday, I went to the shiny new Obama campaign office on Michigan Avenue and got a yard sign.

This morning, we found our sign ripped in half, and, for good measure, a broken window. Not all the way through - just the outer pane - and on the second story, so clearly vandalism rather than attempted entry. Somebody just lobbed a rock at it - presumably, college students stumbling home from the parties at the end of the block.

The police officer taking our report over the phone said, "So, a Republican, then?" Cara said, "Oh, I'm definitely volunteering at the campaign office now!" Me, I'm just cleaning up broken glass and taping the sign back together in quiet defiance.

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(Though, if I'm blogging it,

(Though, if I'm blogging it, does it really count as "quiet"?)

did an old lady drive by and

did an old lady drive by and yell "good citizen"?


i just wish there'd been a little old lady driving by at the time to stop and box the culprits' ears.

I don't get that at

I don't get that at all...why on earth would someone rip up the sign and break a window? If you don't like the guy, don't fucking vote for him, mmkay?

Gosh, I'm so sorry. I will never understand people.


Wow... is Ypsi really that political, or just nuts? Even in Oklahoma, a sure win for McCain, I haven't seen that much silliness.

that sucks...

sorry about that, murph. that sucks.

...what a whiner. Try

...what a whiner.

Try putting up a McCain sign and see what happens. I've had four or five yard signs ripped out, stomped on, and carried off. Two came back a week later all mangled up (guilty conscience?). Not a day goes by that someone doesn't try to pull the latest one out of the ground. The metal frame is beginning to look like spaghetti.

Funny, no one has even touched the Nader sign that is only a few feet away....

FYI - republicans don't steal yard signs or throw rocks, as a rule. After all, there are Obama signs in this town that have been up so long now that they've gone gray.

In the end, we had three

In the end, we had three more signs stolen before the election. (Never did get around to making the sign saying, "Every time you steal our sign, we donate more money to Obama." Oh well.)

republicans don't steal yard signs or throw rocks, as a rule.

Nor, as a rule, do Democrats. But I'm not talking about the rule - just the specific cases in which my signs got stolen and my window broken.

Mirror Mirror

An "M" looks the same way in a mirror when its carved in the cheek. Dumb-ass vandals.