I would have expected more fanfare. And by "fanfare", I mean "gloating".


In reworking ArborWiki's page on the Ann Arbor Greenbelt, I came across an item from Concentrate that noted,

When Ann Arbor initially proposed its Greenbelt Program, local developers worried that it would create competition, scarcity and drive up the cost of building sprawl in Washtenaw County. Now developers are starting to sell land to the Greenbelt.

The Ann Arbor City Council approved spending $626,000 in city money to buy 139 acres of rural land in Superior Township from Biltmore, a residential development company. ... The land is in two parcels along either side of Prospect Road near Vreeland Road.

If this sounds like some pwnage on the part of the Greenbelt, it is - recall, if you will, 2005. At that time, Biltmore and Rock Construction were trying to bully their way through Superior Township's line in the sand stopping development at Geddes Road by threatening to annex their properties into the City of Ypsilanti, with the help of a third property owner whose property provided contiguity to the City. The annexation threat didn't go anywhere - I don't recall why - but I'm betting somebody was laughing when Biltmore came to Ann Arbor and the County 3 years later, hat in hand, asking would they pretty please buy this land into the Greenbelt.