7 songs meme

JP requests, I provide. (Don't abuse it.)

Apologizing for posting a meme is the new posting a meme, so I'm not going to apologize. I like this one.

The instructions are to pick seven songs you're really into at the moment (variations on the meme include focusing on songs that remind you of summer) and write a little blurb about why you like each.

(some songs...)

You're it.

I tend to obsess on a single album at a time, so picking seven songs with any variety is difficult. But here's what I got, heavily influenced by KEXP's online feed, for which I blame Elias. Links to YouTube, since such is life that the easiest way to link to a song is to link a music video, either official or fan-produced.

  1. The National, "Slow Show". Yeah, yeah, KEXP's #1 album of 2007 is my current target of obsession. I'm such sheep. Most songs on the album could fit here, but I'll pick this one. Appropriate, considering the band's comparisons to Leonard Cohen, that this song makes me half-close my eyes, smile slightly, and rock a little, like former housemate Richard listening to "Who By Fire".

  2. The Killers, "Read My Mind". Another album-wide pick - ridiculous dance pop, but Cara has to take it out of the cd player after every time I drive her car, because it's so much fun to sing along to.
  3. Gentleman Auction House, "The Book of Matches". They played the Elbow Room with Canada and That's Him That's The Guy a few months ago, and were fantastic. (A companion's comment on the evening was something like, "This is definitely the Arcade Fire generation - it's all dozens of instruments and singing about feelings." He sounded approving.) I have to go all the way to myspace to give you a link to listen to this one. Sound quality better on the ep.)
  4. The Mae Shi, "Run to Your Grave" Another KEXP influence, but I like it that much better with the video. It feels very co-op talent show.
  5. Bruce Springsteen, "Born to Run". I don't know if I listened to Springsteen - like, at all - until about 2003, when we were living in New Jersey, and I was working in Freehold, which I found out was Springsteen's hometown, so started listening, and it clicked. Maybe I just tapped into the native Jersey frustration? The song pops up cyclically on my obsession list, and may be the only "summer" song on this list.
  6. Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On". I liked Spoon first because of "The Ghost of You Lingers". I'm glad they have one song with very clear yet very creepy beats on each record.
  7. Joan Baez, "Diamonds and Rust". Somehow I don't remember ever hearing this song before borrowing my dad's car about a month ago, when it was disc 1, track 1 in his cd player. Lucky me for hearing it now!

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Spoon is, as you already

Spoon is, as you already know, amazing. Britt Daniel is my favorite vocalist in rock music right now. It's like he can do that thing the singer from Portishead used to do, where she flipped between two voices and you felt like she had a split personality, except that he does it with four or five voices.

I don't know if I listened to Springsteen - like, at all - until about 2003, when we were living in New Jersey

That's how it works, right? Esther is still creeped out by the moment at my step-brother's wedding reception when the DJ put on "Glory Days" and everyone--everyone--started singing along, and even hit the "...Woo!..." right on beat.

I can't bring myself to like the Killers, but again I blame Rock Band for that. If you spend enough time chugging through the bass line of "When You Were Young," you'll come to find that song the most boring thing in the world.