All food groups covered!


Having missed last week's opening day of the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers' Market, I pushed my lunch back to two today, when the market opens, to see what they had. I was therefore ravenous on getting there, but someone from an office in the Key Bank Building was circulating with leftover sandwiches from a meeting! Thus fortified, I was able to go about my shopping.

Step one, to the Ypsi Food Co-op's tent, to buy bread and run my credit card - the market lets you prepay with a credit card, giving you a handful of $1 wooden market tokens to shop with.

Next, Zingerman's Creamery - conveniently located next to the Co-op tent so that you can pair the cheese samples from Zing's with the bread samples from the Co-op for some fresh mozzarella.

Add in asparagus, spinach, and baby chard from a few farmers, and then on to TMZ Farm for beef and buffalo.

Looks like I didn't get any fruit, but I was already pushing the limits of what I thought the office fridge could hold to the end of the day. (And, in fact, the market tokens have strawberries printed on them, and I've still got a few in my pocket. So there!)

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hey, i've been busy.

Yes, my first post in two months, and it's about the farmers' market. Did I see you there? Well, then you needed the prod, didn't you?

Nice to see you back in

Nice to see you back in cyberspace!
I've been an A2 farmers' market whore this year, and will go to the Wed. market as soon as school lets out. Ypsi's market sounds awesome...I will have to head out there

wouldn't money?

>$1 wooden market tokens
cuz wooden nickels don't buy as much they used to.