There could be nothing better...


...than River Street Bakery's three-seed sourdough with Calder Dairy butter.


And maybe a splash of the blackberry jam Margaret gave us? Yeah. Sometimes I eat too little dinner just so that I can have a toast-snack later.

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You wild man.


I read this to Esther, who

I read this to Esther, who was at that moment sitting in the kitchen going, "Toastmmmmmmmtoooooaaast," and she went squee and said to tell you she loves you.

Hi, and Help

I'm a writer for Metromode and it was recommended by a few people I read this blog. I am doing a story on "Hipsilanti"--essentially, that there's all kind of cool stuff in Ypsi that people tend to overlook in favor of Ann Arbor.

Would you be willing to opine for the article? In case my email is not visible to you, it's amykurasATgmaildotcom. Thanks!


Amy - I'd be happy to, on the condition that you don't call it Hipsilanti. :)

You hipster you!

Living in Hipsilanti...or should it be Hipsitucky?

The fact that I'm sitting in an (indy) coffee shop in Royal Oak now has no bearing on this discussion.

Where do you buy the butter?

Murph, I've heard tales about Calder butter being available locally, but I have not been able to find it. Where did you get yours?
Patti :)

Ypsi Food Coop! They have

Ypsi Food Coop! They have Calder butter and milk, at least.

From Calder's website, it looks like they have some stuff at the PFC and Beer Depot (presumably the one at William/Fourth?), and "BellVinos" is likely Bello Vino? I'd be curious how prices compare at those places to YFC.

Thanks, Murph! I haven't

Thanks, Murph! I haven't seen the butter at the PFC and I tend to spend waaaay too much money on, uh, other stuff if I go into the Beer Depot :)


Calder also delivers to Ypsilanti. We get weekly delivery of butter, milk, eggs and coffee cream. Every week they send along an order form for any changes to your standing order. They also will deliver whipping cream, ice cream, sour cream, kiefer drinks, eggnog, cottage cheese, etc...

Lisa Marshall Bashert Badger Books
734-483-6420 909 Grant Street Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
"The beauty of the world has two edg


Don't forget, you can always have Calder deliver butter to you. That is what we do.

Holy cow (uh, no pun

Holy cow (uh, no pun intended!!!)--I did not know that. Thanks!
I just picked up some tonight (found it at Morgan & York, not too far from my crib) and it was teh bombz (as the kids used to say).

Toast Snack

I told Mrs. Structure-Dude! about your "toast snack" a couple of days ago and now, every night, she asks me if I want a toast snack. And I'm like, "What do I look like, an 80 year old man? I want a whiskey snack!"

Multi-grain diet

Oh, did I leave out the bourbon part of the snack in the original post? Yep, looks like.

Gotta have /some/ kind of beverage with your toast, after all...


Calder products may also be available in Ypsi at Mantis Pet Foods on Michigan Ave, just a couple of blocks East of Mansfield. They used to have a cooler with milk products and ice cream. It's worth a call if you're on the West side.