Detroit, Itacare', and Kilimanjaro


You know those sections of the New York Times that come after the news section and aren't the crossword? Escapes, Home & Garden, Travel, Fashion, and so forth? Well, I've found something in one of them that I can actually afford. From their list of The 53 places to go in 2008:

1. Laos
2. Lisbon
3. Tunisia
4. Mauritius
. . .
40. Detroit

Yes, Detroit.

Not that the description is 100% positive, and a little focused on the casinos. (Come on, the Tigers?)

Historically crime-ridden Detroit may not spring to mind as a hot tourist spot, but don't tell that to the city's bullish hoteliers. Newcomers include the MGM Grand Detroit (, the MotorCity Casino Hotel ( in an old Wonder Bread factory and the historic Book Cadillac Hotel, being transformed into a Westin ( Plus, the Detroit Institute of Arts ( just reopened after a $158 million renovation.

Also, how much do I necessarily want to go someplace that comes in 40th on a list where "Mid-Beach Miami" and "South Beach Miami" are two separate entries, at 5th and 6th? Never mind - off to Detroit.

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What kind of asshole takes

What kind of asshole takes the advice of the New York Times "travel" section? Revolting.

Awesome! They can add my

Awesome! They can add my classroom to the list of tourist's cute, and we have heat, finally! :)

Classrooms and Heat do not mix

Silly teachers. Heat costs the taxpayers way too much money.

April's classroom was 58deg on tuesday. All the little kindergarteners wore their winter coats all day.