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From 1995-1999, the IWW had their general headquarters in Ypsilanti. (After 4 years in San Francisco and 85 in Chicago.)

That space is now The Rocket. I wonder if any of Paul's suppliers carry IWW-themed items. (Question: Would "the singingest union America ever had" object to their slogans being pasted on retro kitsch and sold to hipsters?)

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Fabulous idea. But only on Made In America objects, fabrics, etc.

I would think Union-made

I would think Union-made would be more important than Made in America? It is the "IW of the World," after all, and there's plenty of anti-Union America.

Have you ever watched the

Have you ever watched the 1979 documentary "The Wobblies?" Worth checking out--and the special feature with the history professor is also very, very good.

I've not. But it's going on

I've not. But it's going on my netflix queue just after the Karl Zinn movie I've got right now. (I love my netflix queue - action movies and documentaries.)


Any other netflix rec's I can pilfer here?