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I've been feeling a little bummed lately when thinking of skills / hobbies I haven't practiced in a while. I think I've now caught up on homebrewing. Yesterday, I bottled a brown ale; today, brewed the third variation on the honey wheat that I served at our wedding. Meanwhile, Cara decided that today was a good time to exercise her grain-and-yeast skills as well, and has whole wheat bread and rolls on the rise.

Relatedly, I'm mid-read of Standage's A History of the World in Six Glasses (beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee, cola), which I recommend to anyone who enjoys other fine works of single-food anthropology. (e.g. Kurlansky's Cod and Salt.) The first section discusses beer as the first significant non-water drink in civilization, invent/discovered concurrently with bread and equally important in encouraging/supporting agricultural society. (Today's lesson: beer is both safer and more nutritious than water, so drink up!)

Hooray for grains!

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Brown Ale, Honey Wheat

Brown Ale, Honey Wheat beer....whole wheat bread, rolls....we'll be there in an hour!

DST! NOW!'s time for DST, so it's 4:10 pm, not 5:10 as the blog credited my post at....


The beef stew will be ready in another 2 hours or you can just bring the bread and beer here!

Us too, us too :) We just

Us too, us too :)

We just kegged brown ale...yummy.
If you are getting back into homebrewing--and I thrilled you are--think about the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild. It's a fun group :)

Honestly, folks, y'all

Honestly, folks, y'all should know it takes a week or two to carbonate. I'll see you next weekend.

I've never quite managed to make it to a Guild event. That requires, like, effort and stuff. Which never seemed worth it when we had our own little household brewing guild of 4 or 5 people.

"when we had our own little

"when we had our own little household brewing guild of 4 or 5 people."

Now THAT is cool!!! :)