What kind of slime are you?


Your Score: CES: The Advisor!

75% Cuddliness, 30% Introversion, 45% Blobbiness

You are a Cuddly / Extraverted / Sharp slime: the Advisor! Whether it's helping a fellow slime out of a jam or breaking a confused human out of some mental rut, you're always happy to dive into a mess and look for the right way out. Unlike many other slime types, sometimes you can actually come up with solutions -- but it will always be with you slimey good cheer and your unique perspective on life.

Blortrand the Peripatetic was a famous advisor slime. He seemed gruff, but he was never too busy to help someone in need. In 1984 he spent a week in deep dialog with a depressed young university student. Those who were fortunate enough to observe the conversation described it as an epic Socratic duel, in which the student raised every possible reason for one to despair, and Blortrand time and again maneuvered her into admitting that the proper response was "to bounce." The young woman was eventually converted. Scholars consider this to have been the genesis of the rave movement.

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Link: The Slime Personality Test written by inhumandecency on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Here's me!

You are a Cuddly / Extraverted / Blobby slime: the Helper! When a spurned lover is crying, when a small child is lost, when an old man is struggling with a heavy package, you're there. Note that you can't actually solve any of these problems. But you'll bounce and sing and do your silly, stupid, profoundly loving best to buoy their spirits and make the world a little slimier.

That does sound like me...I am always attracting lost dogs and lost children....