DTE has gnomes who thwart my attempts to cut into their profits

You may recall my commenting that I needed to insulate the walls where the first floor attic abuts the second floor walls of the house. Today, I measured the estimated area to insulate from the inside side of the walls, checked stud spacing in the crawlspace access, and bought a Sunfire-load of pink insulation from Home Depot. I suited up, including facemask and safety glasses, to ward off the evil fiberglassy bits, and ventured into the attic. Where a surprise awaited.

You see, the first-floor attic access is in the back of a second-floor closet that's cut into said attic. So, from the access, about the only thing you can see without going all the way into the attic is that back wall of the closet, about 7 feet wide, that you're sticking your torso through the middle of. That's uninsulated. Upon crawling around, though, I found that this part is the only uninsulated part - the rest of the backside of the walls is pretty well insulated. Including the closet sidewalls. So this isn't just an issue of somebody installing, and not insulating, the closet after everything else had been done - they just, for some reason, didn't insulate the back wall of the closet, the most accessible part, when they did all the hard parts. WTF?

So my insulating adventure was cut mightily short, using only a small fraction of my Sunfire-load of fiberglass. At first, I was annoyed - all that overhead preparation for so little actual work? But wait - now I have unexpected free time to do something else! But, no, I was right the first time. The purpose of this was not to insulate - that was merely the mechanism for stopping heat loss. Meaning that my effort to stop heat loss was largely thwarted! Curses!

I decide to switch tactics in persecuting this war against heat loss - I can make some pretty decent headway against air infiltration in that somewhat poorly finished closet, pulling out a victory! And - wait, what? Joint compound goes moldy?! Well, poop. And Cara's got the car, so I can't even go exchange my redundant insulation for joint compound. DTE's evil gnomes have just completely out-maneuvered me, haven't they?

Plan C: give up and go grumble on one's blog. Sigh.

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Relax - have a homebrew!

Plan D: remember that you've been meaning for months to find time to do some homebrewing, and that chilly weather is good for running the stove. That that, gnomes!

Err..."Take that"

Err..."Take that" maybe?

I'll be perfectly willing to taste-test any beverages that result from homebrewing. Unless of course you go for the fiberglass-flavored beer. Please don't mix the two activites....


Darned gnomes are even getting to my comments now!

Good idea

Make the homebrew. You won't regret it. We have brown ale and a clone of Pete's Wicked sitting in kegs in our basement fridge as I type.

One thing to think about...instead of using the stove, you can also buy a burner that you can use outdoors (with a propane tank). Some winter days (and spring, summer and fall days) find my husband and I huddled around that thing as the beer boils. :)

turkey deep-fryer

At our old house, we (the ~four of us who brewed various things) did consider getting a turkey deep-fryer for doing the boil, partly because our lousy electric stoves took forever to bring a few gallons to a boil, and partly because the women of the house were concerned with the smell. We never went through with that plan, though.

Fortunately, I habitually buy ingredients for two-three batches when I shop, so, despite pitching the glass-and-lead tainted batch on Saturday, I was able to get a batch into the fermenter on Sunday.

Okay, I'll say it!

"Your gnome fu is the best."

Okay, I don't think I'm going to try to do anything else today.

Thermometer + Beer

Quicksilver flavoured beer

Leads to acquiring, then cures, syphilis! EXCELLENT!!! (Ok, so maybe it doesn't actually cure syphilis...)