Back from MT

We've spent the last two weeks in Montana and Chicago. If there's anything you think I'll find important in that period, you may wish to reinform me. I skim *really* quickly when I have this much e-mail.

(p.s. Do we still have a state government?)

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State Government

Elise and Jon and April and I were out camping in Lakeport, and were kicked out of the state park at 1pm today, as it shut down then in preparation for the government to shut down. I felt really bad for the people next to us, who were two days into a planned 9 day stay there....

Welcome back! State

Welcome back! State government is still around, sort of. My school district (Detroit) is still up and running, too, which is always a pleasant surprise....

Flickr set from MT

Glacier Pictures

That reminds me I ought to get some of my Glacier pictures posted...from part of a two-week, mostly Amtraked, St.Louis-Chicago-Seattle-Vancouver-Glacier extravaganza. North Dakota and Montana are beautiful from the train, aren't they?

Two Sisters

Two Sisters near Babb - probably the best choice for miles around. Did you learn the origin of the name? It could be owned by two sisters, or, given the location, be the surname of the owner(s).

two sisters

There are indeed two sisters. And a John. But, as their website says, "Two Sisters and A John had kind of a funny ring to it". The other sister has a Two Sisters cafe & catering in Missoula.

"the best choice for miles around" - considering that the *only* other option for miles around is gnawing on scrub with the range cattle, this isn't high praise.

>*only* other option What!?

>*only* other option
What!? The Babb Bar was closed? Also known as "The Cattle Baron Club," it serves large chunks of cattle. I havn't been there, but some have called the steaks the best they've ever had. Caraniverous may have missed a treat.

Okay, a *few* miles

I think it's, what, 3 miles from the Cattle Baron to Two Sisters? Fine, so "for miles around" is a little constrained in some directions.