Mistaken identity and music theory

Cara recently acquired Arcade Fire's Funeral, and, after three or four listens, I discovered, to my great surprise, that I liked it. A lot.

But I thought I didn't like Arcade Fire. At all. Interesting.

I commented to Cara on enjoying the very driving feel of a few songs, and found myself stuck in a teachable moment. You see, boys and girls, it seems the bits that I really like in "Neighborhoods 1 - Tunnels" and "Rebellion (Lies)" is called a Mannheim roller, "an extended crescendo passage typically having a rising melodic line over an ostinato [repeated] bass line". Yes, yes, I'm a bombastic sap. Now, excuse me, I've got some Shostakovich to listen to.

Anyways, it later struck me just why I thought I didn't like Arcade Fire. It seems I was mistaking them for someone else. Um. Sorry, guys.