Look, ma, I'm famous!


I've been invited to be Metromode's guest blogger, starting tomorrow and running for a week. I'm not sure I'm quite as awesome as, say, Conan Smith, but I'll do my best.

I'll also cross-post here, since Metromode doesn't allow comments.

Edit: Actually, looks like they do now allow commenting on guest blogs, starting with mine. What a trendsetter.

Post one: Ypsivangelizing

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Way to lead!

Especially by not ironing your shirt on the morning of the photo shoot! You're wearing your environmentalism on your sleeve. And chest. And collar.

You've always got an eye for what matters!

Ah, I remember back in the day, our passioned grad school conversations about how you were going to change the world - by getting Brandon to wear the same color belt and shoes.

The devil is in the details

I take credit for his getting the NY job -- now it's up to HIM to change the world.

Yep, you are famous

And a pretty good "urban" pic, too. The only blog that shows my picture is my own !

ironic pics

Personally, I'm entertained that half my job description is historic preservation, yet when the photographer came out to get a shot, the building he liked best for a backdrop was the CoB, which practically every self-avowed preservationist in town has criticized in my presence. (I'll add that it doesn't have the most "friendly" entrance from an urban design standpoint - more of a rampart feel.)