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Last night, at long last, I finally saw Great Lakes Myth Society at the Elbow Room, and they were every bit as amazing as Dale has assured me they would be. Fan for life: check. (Not that there was any doubt - a highly talented folk/rock group signing about Michigan? Yeah, sign me up.)

I was also pretty happy with one of their openers, Minor Planets, who present a pretty enjoyable power pop. They need to brush up on their showmanship to truly support a group like GLMS, though. I know the whole shoegazing thing is hip, and half the point of indie rock is that it's safe for geeky introverts (like myself) to get up on stage and play their piece without ever looking at the audience, but, really, kids: you're good at what you do - feel free to get a little more attitude about it.

(Speaking of geeky introverts, Cara and I are apparently awkward enough in the average venue to be the topic of conversation. A guy approached and said, "Sorry, but my friend and I were wondering - is this your first date?" We displayed wedding rings: "Awesome, I was right!" Wait, what? You had a bet on whether we were on our first date versus married?)

There was plenty else going on last night that we didn't make it to - I don't think it's possible to be bored in this town - but we walked through the aftermath of the Ypsi Arbor Lindy Exchange's descent on the Crossroads summer music festival; the swing dancers were apparently enough to bump estimates of the crowd up to a good 500 people. (And if a lone swing dance organizing dervish like Amanda can activate Michigan Ave. like that, just imagine what, say, a minor league baseball team could do. We've committed to buy Liberators season tickets as soon as they exist.)

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ps Please hurry, dreamland!

We're anxiously awaiting the Dreamland Theater's reopening downtown. We're hoping to make The Avatars' show tonight at TC's Speakeasy, but we're really getting too old for this schedule. I really liked the fact that shows at the Dreamland started at 8, rather than 11.


Glad to hear you enjoyed GLMS... may convince me to give them a second chance. I love their recorded music, but when I saw them at the ER awhile ago I found the show to be just downright... bad, and I don't hand that label out lightly. Must have been an off night.

How were The Avatars? I didn't realize they were in Ypsi on Saturday or else I would have probably been at TC's myself.

Friday's crowd at Crossroads makes so much sense now. Lady X was phenomenal, I'm glad Ypsi was able to put together a decent crowd for the show. Also, is it me, or are the bands this year way better than last year's Friday night bands? I seem to remember trying to not be home on Friday nights all last summer for fear of being forced to listen to what sounded like some kid brother's metal cover band.

We didn't make it to TC's on

We didn't make it to TC's on Saturday - I had a temperature of about 102 by that evening, and was checking out the urgent care scene instead. Fun.


this city has beautiful, beautiful snow.

You're talking about drugs, right?

Because, last I checked, it doesn't snow much in Sicily in June.

Wish I Were

in Isabella County, 1992. Monday it was 46 Celsius here. I didn't know Celsius went that high -- I figured the thermometers just jumped from 35 to 100 when you boiled water.


I've been telling you how awesome they are since way before Dale had ever heard of them. Heck, since even when they were TOBASOL... like 2003.

That's true

but the death of your blog means your chief marketing outlet of local music is email. I'm still all up in everyone's grill.

BTW, Murph -- you and Cara might check out the song "Foreman" from The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love (they're "Friends" of GLMS on MySpace). Murder in a Detroit auto plant...


The Great Lakes Myth Society is opening for Patti Smith at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor August 2. Blogreaders, unless you're in jail, you better be there; if you're in jail, break out!