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Ann Arbor's City Council has been accused in the past of holding secret deliberations, with decisions made the day before the meeting or in smoke-filled bars after the meetings. Well, now we've got proof - we know what goes on in these secret backroom discussions.

I've just received evidence from an anonymous source, smuggled out of Ann Arbor and across the Carpenter DMZ no doubt at great personal risk. The attached note gives the sense that the source was perhaps tortured to the point of madness in recovering this footage:

on this disk is what you need to post because you are the very good blogger and the world whole of it must see...for everyone who are read the blog of common monk flower so it is important you complete the mission as you are the choice out of many others like mark mayfred and arbor dates did not receive it, so you must do it the only one.

Don't let this brave freedom fighter's sacrifice be in vain - see what Ann Arbor's Council discusses when they think no one is looking:

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I love it! Imagine the shock and horror!

Nancy Shore
SOS Community Services

that's brilliant... and I'm

that's brilliant... and I'm sure so much more could be added, too.

No, really.

Because I was asked: no, I didn't make the video. It came on a cd-r with an unsigned, typed note, excerpted above, in an envelope addressed to "Richard Murphy (monk flower)". Really. There's some context on AU, but somebody put in some effort.

those pesky

those pesky bloggers.....

Monk Flower?