MI Legislature RSS feed!

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Wow! Wow wow wow!

While looking up the legislature mentioned in the DetNews imposing a permanent moratorium on new highway billboards (and trade in three existing billboards for one new one), I discovered the Michigan Legislature's Bill Update RSS Feed - updated every ten minutes while leg. is in session with status on bills.

So many forms of geekery in one. I can't begin to express my glee.

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The City RSS Feed

Wouldn't it be wild if the City of Ypsilanti did the same thing? Maybe someone could start with a Planning feed. Think of it as extra credit and a way of making our C- a solid C.

Yeah, wouldn't *that* be

Yeah, wouldn't *that* be wild?

(Submits another County IT support request...Waits...)

It appears there is a tool/plugin available to do it, but I don't have the ability to turn it on or install it. I'd prefer not to go third-party text-scraper if I can avoid it.

City RSS feed - oh! Look!

County IT says, "Kind of funny you should ask - we were just looking at that."

* http://www.cityofypsilanti.com/news/rss_feed
* http://www.ewashtenaw.org/news/rss_feed
* (saline, sylvan, etc.)

Just need to slap an orange dot on the front pages...


Now can you make the feed such that it syndicates EVERYTHING posted on the site? Instead of just news (which is few and far between), I want to see new ordinances, packets for any commission that gets a packet, agendas, etc. Go nuts.

I'll note that I didn't

I'll note that I didn't actually *do* anything here except extract the information that this, in fact, already exists, and I don't have any ability to alter the feed, except by posting news items to the front page. So I'm not holding my breath for automatic feed generation of all materials uploaded, which would be the ideal solution. At least an option in the upload dialogue box saying "notify in rss".

The more likely solution will be to have short-lived news items posted, reading "Council Materials Uploaded: 12-19-06 (agenda link) (packet link)." This would have the additional benefit of having the fact show up to people who actually visit the page, rather than just those of us hiding behind our aggregators. (We probably should be doing this anyways.) Which means I need to go make "agenda posted" news item templates for the relevant people to cut and paste and change the dates on.


It's not important that you do anything, but rather make people think that you have done it.