Where have all the pop stars gone?


It occurred to me shortly after the midterm elections that I hadn't noticed anything like Eminem's Mosh (and with alternate ending in the run up to the election. I wondered why - was it just decided not to work? Or was it too hard to find something to grab hold of for a Congressional election.

I've now decided that, no, it *was* done - but, yes, both of those explanations are true, at least this time around:

I recalled, shortly after, Exhibit A, Neil Young's Let's Impeach the President.

Then, yesterday, when Faye commented that she'd just caught the end of a U2 song on the radio that she'd never heard before, I discovered Exhibit B, Saints are Coming, which Green Day and U2 collaborated on for The Now Orleans Saints homecoming game at the Superdome.

If you can provide me with more examples, please do - because these ones just don't work. While Mosh was making heavy rounds on the web in pre-YouTube 2004, I only ever saw Neil Young's video linked once, and never heard of the Green Day/U2 song. (Good job making those headlines, guys.) Additionally, "Saints" is in no way a protest song without the alt-history video footage, making it useless for radio play. (And I don't know of any radio stations willing to play both Neil Young and a song titled "Let's Impeach the President"...)

But I think that the most notable thing about these is that they're both about the President, and the President wasn't up for election this year! (yeah, yeah, proxy blah) While the Mosh video was an explicit call to an explicit action (I prefer the ending to the first version linked above), the "Saints" video is fairly empty criticism of Bush's policies, and "Impeach" doesn't make any sort of case for why Congress matters. (Or should matters.) Why didn't anybody make a protest songs about the Congressional elections? Are they just too hard to get a lyrical handle on?

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I could probably find other

I could probably find other examples - but I'd say that, for it to be an effective piece of protest, it should find me. No looking required.

Now, 'scuse me while I go track down the Dixie Chicks' latest album...

As long as I'm surfing

As long as I'm surfing videos, I'll give a prize to the first person who can tell me the name of this song, and whether it is on any of Fred's albums.