"Murph, you are an amazing housewife."

Went to the farmers' market today and bought a(nother) bushel of apples, "second rate". Seconds really seem perfectly fine to me; the only downside is that you have to have a Plan for them, because you can only buy by the half-bushel. The price comes to $13 for 30-some pounds of apples, or approaching 3 lbs / $1. A pretty good deal.

I came home and set about turning them into applesauce (6 quarts canned plus some set aside for eating), drying apple rings (using food dehydrator borrowed from Juliew after request here previously), and allowing my housemate to snag apples to eat.

While I was dipping jars of applesauce into boiling water, my sister called and thanked me for the pickles I sent up with my parents, produced back in August.

Michael and I then discussed the trend of intelligent young progressives picking up things like gardening, food preservation, bicycle repair, community creation, etc, with the partial intent to be prepared for peak oil or other sharp changes in prevailing socio-economic conditions. I noted that I'm not so much thinking we'll hit a post-oil economy any time soon, but I definitely think we're approaching a time of much more expensive energy, and we may as well not be caught unprepared. In ten to twenty years, if things get fuxored beyond repair, we want to have some buffer for getting through the short-term and the skills to spread for maintaining communities in the long-term.

In addition to long range mild apocalypse fantasies, of course, it's also just fun to be Competent.