Yet another do-over

Having taken down the last iteration of this blog, I find myself wishing I still had a blog that wasn't ArborUpdate. That project has become strangely high-pressure now that it's experienced a modicum of success.

Since there's an unstable 0.9 release out of bBlog (currently in a developmental lull?), I decided to install fresh, and simultaneously hop URLs. should work nowwhen the dns catches up. (Happy, Michael?)

I also, as is probably evident, have pared the page down to a pretty minimalist state, and may keep it there for some time. I remember, back in the old days, when comments didn't exist, and Esther, canuck-Ben, Glenn, Elias, and I managed to have conversations that spanned across our various pages, rather than being relegated to a comment thread on somebody's page. Between that twinge of nostalgia, an unwillingness to deal with comment spam, and simply not having the interest in messing with a fancy template that would include all of that fancy comment stuff, bare sounds good to me.