Murph, You write: " some


You write: " some members of Ann Arbor's City Council believe that... they should be allowed to make that decision unilaterally for all of Washtenaw County,"

How do you square up that rhetorical flourish with the fact that the elected body representing all of Washtenaw County (the Washtenaw County board of commissioners) withdrew its support for the RTA about a month ago at its Nov. 7, 2012 meeting?

From Ann Arbor Chronicle coverage: "Dan Smith, a Republican who represents District 2 covering northern parts of the county, had been prepared to introduce two transit-related resolutions at the meeting, but wound up placing only one of them on the agenda. The one he brought forward was a proposal to rescind support for a metro Detroit regional transit authority (RTA) – which the board had given in September of 2011. Although board chair Conan Smith has been a champion of legislation to enable an RTA, Dan Smith’s resolution passed on a 6-4 vote."

A more accurate description (though it doesn't serve your rhetorical purposes here) might be: Some Ann Arbor city councilmembers seem to believe that they should now echo similar sentiments to those already expressed by the Washtenaw County board of commissioners earlier this month, ...


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