consolidated population rankings

Andy, thanks for the first post on the latest re-activation of the page!

Another fun consolidation to think about is, what if the communities in the 6 mile x 6 mile area of Royal Oak Township became one municipality? That'd be Hazel Park, Ferndale, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Royal Oak Township, and a slice of Clawson.

Together, they'd make up the 3rd most populous city in Michigan, with about 180,000 residents in 36 square miles -- almost surpassing #2, Grand Rapids, 188,000 people in 45 square miles, and head and shoulders above the next several, Warren at 134k, Sterling Heights at 129k, Lansing at 114k, and Ann Arbor at 113k. Not only would that give them new and interesting political stature, but would boost them into new brackets for state revenue sharing, CDBG, and other population-based funding calculations.

Would they ever imagine doing it? Probably not.


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